Inspired by an active lifestyle that combines nature and refinement,
INSPiiR reinvents your daily life.

The Natural Effervescence of the Mountain

Nestled between lakes and mountains, INSPiiR brings running, hiking, and mountain biking trails right to your doorstep.

Located less than 5 minutes from one of the area’s most sought-after ski and resort destinations, you have every reason to feel like you are on vacation, all year round.

Between lakes and mountains

Your Life in Vacation Mode. Year Round.

Close your eyes. Imagine a house with so many windows that you feel like you are living outside. You work every day in a space bathed in natural light. You embark on an afternoon jog along a running trail just outside your door. You end your days on the calm waters of the lake next door. Open your eyes. You are home.



The magnificent INSPiiR Saint-Sauveur district is only 45 minutes from Montreal.



Two primary schools a few minutes from the INSPiiR Saint-Sauveur district



With an estimated population of 15,000 residents in Saint-Sauveur, the INSPiiR neighborhood is located in a region where space and tranquility awaits 12 months a year.

In work mode

Reinventing the Home Office

Work every day in a spacious, bright and perfectly-located environment. With immediate access to a huge natural playground, the balance between work and a healthy lifestyle takes on a new dimension.

In family mode

Taking Root in a Place that Resembles Us

Refined and safe, INSPiiR offers a healthy living environment bordered by parks and green spaces inviting you to go outside with your family. Located near schools, services, and a lively city center, you will find a host of activities of all kinds, all year round, to enliven and enrich your family life.

In urban mode

Vibrate to the Rhythm of Saint-Sauveur